Green Urban Planning: 3 Steps You Should Take

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If you are currently planning a new urban development, you may be looking for ways to make it environmentally friendly while also reducing your energy bills. There are many options available to you. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which you can plan a green building project.

Add solar panels

During the summer months, Australia receives many hours of sunlight. You can harvest and make use of this sunlight by adding solar panels to your urban development. Not only will solar panels allow you to power street and interior lighting on your development, cutting the energy bill. Because of the size of solar panels, they also serve as a very clear advertisement that the urban development takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

Apply heat-reflective paint

Urban developments can be affected by a phenomenon known as the heat island effect. The heat island effect occurs because of the modification of surfaces in urban areas which traps heat and increases the temperature of the built-up area compared to the surrounding area. The heat island effect can cause increased strain on the air con units which can increase energy bills and the chance that they will fail. You can combat the heat island effect by applying heat-reflective paint on the walls and roofs of the buildings of your urban development. Doing so will help to reduce the severity of the heat island effect.

Call in local contractors who use local materials

If you are managing a budget, it may be tempting to call in the contractors who offer the cheapest rates and use low-cost materials. However, where possible, you should hire local contractors who use local materials. By using local workers and materials, you can massively reduce the carbon footprint of your development as there will be no need to ship workers or materials a long distance via road. Using local materials and plants will also help the buildings you are developing to fit in with the local area. Finally, you will be putting money into the local economy, which will help to quell any local opposition to the development.

While it can be hard to strike a balance between your budget and the need to be environmentally-friendly, it isn't impossible. If you would like further information and advice about the different ways in which you can make your urban development as green as possible, you should contact an urban planning contractor today.